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Heelmike criticizes xQc for “never” supporting smaller streamers like Adin Ross does

Twitch streamer Heelmike slammed xQc, saying Adin Ross is a better creator because xQc doesn’t support his community as much.

When it comes to who the number one streamer on Twitch is, many believe it’s xQc.

However, over the last year or so, more and more creators have climbed the ranks of the Amazon-owned platform, leading fans to argue who they believe is the real number one.

During a recent stream, Heelmike and JonZherka went back and forth on whether they think Adin Ross or xQc is the current top streamer.

In the process, Heelmike criticized xQc for “never” supporting smaller streamers as Adin Ross does.

“Adin is much more supportive to his fellow community,” he explained. “xQc will never give someone a ‘Good Job.’ He’s funny, but he’ll never fully promote somebody. He will NEVER fully promote somebody.

“Adin will grab his homeboy who’s a 10 viewer andy and immediately make him a 5k viewer andy. That is a real friend. xQc has done that for nobody.”

Mike and Jon also explained that they both believe xQc is a good guy, but he’s a “ruthless businessman” when it comes to his stream.

So far, being a so-called ruthless businessman has paid off for The Juicer. According to the Twitch revenue leaks in 2021, xQc landed second on the list — bringing home almost nine million dollars in revenue from the platform.

That’s not counting brand deals or other platforms like YouTube, so it’s just a small amount of his net worth.

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